Your First Visit

You’re sitting in the parking lot trying to get the courage to go in. Your nervous and full of anxiety. A million question go through your head. What do I do when I go inside? What will the girls think? What do I say?

Okay now take a deep breath. I’ll take you on a short tour so you will know what to expect.

There are a lot of guides, and all are pretty good, and some are very detailed, but I will keep this simple. Some of the detailed guides go more in depth on this subject.

There are two methods to meeting the girls. You have lineup brothels and bar brothels.

In a bar-brothel, you just walk in, and you can go to the bar or restaurant. You can talk to any girl that catches your eye, or one of them will approach you. It’s just like you are going to a bar or restaurant and a girl walks up and says hi. If you want to have a lineup, just ask the bartender because the bartender knows everything usually. You can ask any of the girls, and they will let them know.

With a lineup brothel, you may need to push a buzzer to get in. That is to let the host know you are outside and to call the girls to the front and lineup. The lineup is where the girl’s line up and each one tells’s you her name. Then you can pick which lady you want to possibly party with. Don’t be intimidated by all the beautiful girls. We are not there to judge you; we are there to have fun with you.

Note: At most brothels, you can ring the buzzer twice if you do not want a lineup and prefer to go straight the bar so that the ladies won’t have to run up to the front and then have to go back. Some of the houses are big, and if you are in the furthest room, you sometimes have run, and it sucks to get up there and find out there isn’t a lineup. I know because one time I got a room at the back, and now I can jump hurdles like in High School.

Conversation and Negotiation
The lady that you talk with at the bar or pick from a lineup will either go to the bar with your or take you on a tour of the ranch. Then you will then go to her room or a negotiation room to talk about what you want to do and negotiate price and what you would like to do. If you do agree on the price, we’ll walk with you to the cashier and then head to our room. We are with you through the whole process so you won’t be left standing there wondering what is going on.

If you don’t agree on the price, it is not a big deal.  We will walk with you back to the parlor, and another girl will talk with you if you like or if you see a girl you want to talk to, then just go over to her. We can introduce you to some others, and help you find the right girl. She will be receptive. It’s not a singles bar, so you’re not going to be rejected. The process starts over again. There are no hard feelings. It’s important to understand that we are not offended if you don’t pick us.

The Party
Now to the good part. Some brothels require you to take a shower before you start which is good because it gives us time to get things ready. After that, we’ll head to the bed and have fun and have some mind-blowing sex. We guide you through everything. If you are shy or a virgin we will take care of you. We need another post to talk about all the things in a party but follow our lead, and you will have an experience that you will never forget.

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