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Here’s another simple guide that goes along with The Simple Guide To Your First Visit post. These are primary points to get you started. You can ask the girls and guys for help or advice also. There are no stupid questions.

Before You Arrive

Hygiene – You should have good hygiene. If you just came from burning man and haven’t showered in a week, then we are going to ask you to shower. Most girls ask guys to take showers because we usually have one in our room so don’t take offense. I shower after every party, so it’s quite reasonable.

Cologne is something you should ask about before you arrive if you have spoken with the girl and know who you will party with. If you are coming in for a lineup, then don’t wear it. Some girls are allergic to it. When in doubt, come without.

Whey You Arrive

How To Conduct Yourself – Attitude is a big thing for us. Being rude or arrogant will not help you in negotiations, and some girls just won’t deal with you.

I’m going to be blunt here. If you come at us playing games, trying to be cocky, macho, or any of that you might get price walked or a less than stellar party. If you look out the window during a negotiation and say that you are looking for a money tree because you don’t like the price you are going to look stupid. How many women have you talked with in your life? How many men have we dealt with?

We want to have fun with you. It’s for your benefit to be a nice guy. That doesn’t mean you have to be a pushover and accept our offer, you can negotiate. Just be cool about it. The more we like you, the more likely you will get extra things.

Price – The number one question we get is how much does it cost. We can’t give you any numbers. That is actual Nevada law. Only inside the brothel can we discuss price. Anywhere outside is considered soliciting and illegal. We are not trying to play a game, the truth is hour hands are tied. I would love to negotiate anywhere anytime. It would make my life easier that’s for sure.

Prices vary wildly. Depending on the lady, the brothel, and the axis of the Earth. Some girls charge more and some less. It’s hard to say. You can read all those price guides, but I would take them with a grain of salt. A lot of those guys that claim they get cheap parties actually don’t. It’s a game they have to try and one-up each other because they have known each other for years. They are also regulars, and that means they are going to get some discounts because they party a lot.

Negotiations – There are many schools of thought, e.g., Who should make the first offer? You can read all these posts about how to talk a girl down, but you have a price, and she has a rate. If you are close, then you can probably work it out. If you are not near an agreement and can in no way get there, then you just say thank you for your time, and we will take you back to the bar to talk to other girls. We are NOT offended by this. It does not make us mad if we have to walk back with you. It’s no big deal. We are more than happy to help you find what you want because if we don’t, and you leave, then it’s a loss for everyone. You, the girls, and the brothel. So we’ll do what we can to make sure you have a good time.

Don’t avoid a girl because she looks expensive. You would be surprised so why not try. Remember this is not matchmaking, so we are not inclined to be judgemental like girls in bars. If you don’t ask you will never know so why not. If she is too much, then there are plenty of girls there, and you will find someone within your budget that may be ten times more bad ass in bed. You just never know.

In closing, I would like to say that you don’t have to be Adonis. In fact, most guys aren’t. The last thing we would be is judgemental. I have seen girls like that and guess what? They aren’t in the business anymore. Women are naturally less inclined to care about looks in general. That applies to all women, inside and outside the brothel. We don’t care about dick size or any of that. Girls just want to have fun.

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