How To Buy From a Girl’s Wishlist

To help you make a good impression I am going to teach you guys why you shouldn’t insist on buying things not on a girl’s wishlist and how to buy stuff when you do.

A lot of guys want to buy sexy bras and panties but don’t insist if it’s not on her list. When you’re buying from a ladies wishlist remember that it’s not for you, it’s for her. Don’t insist on buying panties, bras, and sexy clothes if she has none on her list. (The one exception is if it’s for a party you are going to have and want her to wear something specific.) When you do buy off her list she appreciates it more because those are things she actually wants or needs. You might think, “Why does she want a Pacman USB lamp?”. Why do you care? I want it because it makes me happy and it’s also freaking cool. It’s like, “Oooo bad ass lamp!” or “Oh hmmm another pair of panties?” Buying girls what they want is something they appreciate. Choose things that are quirky. One of the girls is a video game nut and people ask why she wants games. It’s because she’s a video game nut! Stick to the list and you will be fine.

On the other side of the coin girls go crazy with their lists. Girls when you have 42 pages of items it looks like you aren’t going to value a gift, and it makes you look greedy. High dollar gifts are okay but you need some lower ones too because not everyone is rich. Be selective and realize that they are gifts and that they are not required so getting one should be appreciated.

Guys, thank you for the gifts. I am happy with every one of them!

Rachel Varga’s Amazon Wishlist

Love – Rach

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  1. Just curious, do you ever update your wishlist or remove items once you might receive them other than gift cards?

  2. Post

    Yes I believe it removes them when they are purchased. Why do you ask?

    I need to update it because most of the items are expensive. I mean a $3000 Wacom Tablet would be awesome but nobody is going to buy that. Lol. Maybe I’ll get lucky and a rich guy will get it. Better odds playing the lottery. Hahah

  3. I was thinking of getting you a few things off of your wish list. And didn’t want to get you something you already had.
    After I sent that comment about your wish list. I thought, it would probably be alot easier if just sent Amazon gift cards to you at Mustang Ranch… So when I get some time off from work that is what I’ll probably do.

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