2 Couple Parties

Some couples are always looking for something new to try or some want to spice up their marriage. They want to have a threesome but not all the hassle of trying to meet someone on Fetlife, arranging a place to meet, and not knowing if the person they meet is dangerous or has any kind of sexually transmitted disease. They don’t want it to spark into a new relationship with the playmate for the other partner. Believe me, it’s not worth the hassle. They want it to be an event that is fun and be something that they can look back on and talk about fondly.

Meeting a girl at a brothel is the ultimate couple experience. No worries, no hassles, no diseases, and no psychos. You want to meet the right lady to help fulfill this fantasy. You can usually email a lady or meet with them and see how things feel. Some brothels pressure you right when you come in the door. They rush you through a tour and then want to negotiate immediately. That is not how it is at the Mustang. It is also a restaurant and a bar so you can order some food and hang out. We can sit and talk and you can see if I am the right fit. If not there are plenty of other girls to talk to. There is no pressure. When you are ready then we can work out the details.

A lot of people worry about the cost and I really can’t quote anything outside of the brothel. That is Nevada law. I have been in the business for at least five years so I have a rate that is standard in the business. I don’t do upsells. We talk about what you want to do and then we work out a price. I don’t like to haggle so there is always some give and take but I don’t treat it like a bazaar in an Egyptian market. Doing that and upselling ruins the experience if you ask me. I can’t give out a price outside the brothel but I can say that it’s more affordable than you think.

I do think couples are special because it’s something they will never forget. It can be a bonding experience and that to me is a beautiful thing. I am always excited about couples and I know my role in this. My role is to fulfill your fantasies without worry or anxiety. To create an experience where you can both let yourself out and become closer afterward. I always ask what is okay and not and you should too. I don’t want to do something that could cause a problem after you leave. An example is that you might not want your husband kissing me so I don’t do it. I really recommend you both discuss what is permissible and what is not. It is important to understand each other.

I have been on the couple’s side so I can relate to what you are experiencing during our party. I love it. There is nothing more powerful than trusting each other absolutely in such a vulnerable situation.

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