Truth and Fetish

Sometimes people ask me if I am the real me during sex at the Ranch as opposed to sex outside with someone I know. The short answer is yes, I am the same person. This comes up with fetishes specifically. You see, when a person comes to me with a fetish they want to know that I enjoy it. If there is any doubt in their mind that I don’t they won’t have a good experience. This can cause a problem because how do you know if the girl you choose really is into it or is thinking, “This is some fucked up shit.” while she smiles at you. The answer is you don’t but no matter how good a person fakes, a fetishist feels it. They lose because they didn’t get to fulfill what is for some is a lifelong desire and you lose because they aren’t coming back. This is why I think it is good to be truthful about what you do and what you don’t. Honesty is the best policy they always say and with sex it is even more important because it is at the core of who we are.

Recently I was in a party where all I had to do was come in and role play the girlfriend that just became the ex and get mad and wrestle with the other girl. I have no idea what you would call it but it was fun and he had a good time fulfilling his fantasy. I have had different kind of parties like spanking, foot worshjp, trampling, and various other fetishes. I’ve had a femsub that came to me when I commanded. She loved to be pushed and so I pushed her until she hit subspace she was truly happy. I like fetishes and I don’t really care what they are because it’s the excitement that drives me. I don’t do ANY fetish or anything if it puts me in any type of submissive role at all. I can be on the same level or the dominant one just not submissive.

So yeah I do love fetishes and I love to see the joy it brings to people when they are able to experience on the outside what is buried so deeply on the inside and nothing you have thought up is going to weird me out. I promise you this, there are some crazy things going on in my head. You will be in good company.

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