So You Want To Be A Working Girl

I get asked this a lot. How do I get into the business? Here are some answers that might help you decide.

The first and most important thing is what if everyone finds out? Will it be okay? Will people turn on you? If so don’t do it because you can hide your face but you have no idea how many of your guy friends and guy family members are surfing the Internet.

Ask yourself if you can have sex with guys you don’t know and some you won’t be attracted to at all. If looks are the most important thing to you then you will fail. I have seen girls that only want the best looking customers and guess what? They aren’t here anymore. As long as a guy is cool then I am cool with them. I see it as friends with benefits and I have never been super picky about looks. I like the interaction with men and I have no problem with what they look like. It’s very psychological and if you can’t deal with this part then you definitely don’t need to be a working girl.

This is not a show up and make thousands of dollars a day. There are days when you do well and days when you don’t. There is a lot of waiting. It is seasonal just like any other service industry. All those stories you have heard of girls making thousands a day when they arrive are wrong. You have to really work and treat it as a job. You can’t screw around, drink, and blow people off. You work, or you will not succeed. No successful girl has ever just showed up and screwed around.

50% of what you make goes to the house and you pay for room and board. Brothels are all different, $25 to $45 a day is average I would say. If you don’t bring supplies you have to buy them there. You will pay for medical testing every week so that is more money you will spend.

Some brothels are drama non stop. I mean you are with other girls 24/7. In some brothels they let things like dirty hustling slide so you have to be able to tell someone not to do it again and mean it. If you can’t stand up for yourself and let it be known that you aren’t going to tolerate that kind of stuff then again this isn’t for you. But I think most are laid back. Most frown upon it and some you will get fired for it. So if you like dirty hustling stay home. You’ll probably get fired or piss of the wrong girl and get put it your place.

All brothels are different. They are three major brothels and then smaller ones. Each one has a different feel to it. Some girls make a lot at a smaller brothel and others at the bigger one. Bigger is not always better. I would talk to different girls at different brothels to see which one will work for you but remember, bigger is not always better and not always more money.

Here comes the million dollar question. “Do you think I would do good at a brothel?” I hear this a lot. Do you need to be a supermodel? Not at all. Beauty is wide ranging. It’s not all blondes with big boobs. There are all kinds of types. If you put a lot into your presentation, how you dress, makeup, and so on then you will do good. Some girls don’t even try and wonder why they don’t make a lot. Beautiful girls that have an attitude like I don’t need to make an effort usually go home broke. So no matter what, you are going to have to put some effort into it.

How much will I make? That is almost impossible to answer because we never tell each other. I mean we seriously don’t talk about it because there is a lot of competition. This is a hard answer to find but I will tell you this. All that stuff about making hundreds of thousands a year is not true. Only really successful girls make that. You will hear exorbant amounts that girls may quote but take it all with a grain of salt because unless you see their taxes it doesn’t mean anything.

One last thing. Drugs are not tolerated at brothels. They will fire your ass in  a heartbeat. Condoms are mandatory and it’s the law. I’m not saying that with a wink. I mean it.

To sum it up. If you are okay with people knowing, want to work, not mess around, have your self together and can present yourself well then you might just be working girl material.

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