Things Not To Do In A Brothel

Recently I have received a few emails with the following: “How much to do anything I want to you?” or “In your GFE will you let me bareback cum in your mouth (like a real girlfriend)? You can choose to spit or swallow.” These sorts of emails are pretty regular and I think this comes from a few things. Confusing gonzo porn with real life and thinking that by giving a girl money she is yours to do with whatever you want. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Legal prostitution is a business. You make an agreement on which services are rendered. The only real gonzo experience is the PSE or Pornstar Experience. Even then she can still stop you at any time.

Here are some commonsense rules that will keep you out of trouble.

1. Don’t assume you can do anything you want. Always ask. Just because your girlfriend lets you finger her butthole doesn’t mean anyone else will.

2. Do what she says at all times. If she says take it easy then take it easy. Just because we have a lot of sex doesn’t mean we can all take Mandingo to the balls.

3. Do not act in any way aggressive or be pushy! This is a quick way to end your party.  There is no way I will continue if you act like a dick or you are rude to me. You are in my house and must act accordingly.

4. Don’t complain about the condom because you ARE wearing it. If you can’t climax with a condom then wear one while masturbating until you get used to it.  Sure we are checked every week but are you?

That’s probably enough to keep you out of trouble. Remember if you can’t act like a gentleman then I am more than happy to give you a CBT party free of charge.

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  1. A CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) party free of charge is quite a bargin actually! It would save me hundreds, if not thousands on shrinks. If you’re offering an ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) party on the other hand, you can save that for special occasions.

    As for the point of your post, people amaze me sometimes. If you realize that brothels are a service industry, then it would be a given that being nice to the girls would get you a better party than if you’re an asshole. Who thinks to themselves “If I’m a total pig with this bitch, she’ll practically beg me to fuck her”? By all means, be direct in what you expect from the party, but there’s always delicate (for lack of a better word) ways to phrase certain subjects.

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