Best of the Best

Rachel Varga

I took time to get to know as much as I could about Rachel Varga from Bunny Ranch on twiTwitterfore arriving on April 7, 2016. Anyone can see from her pictures that she is blond and has the longest legs. Beautiful face and built like a model from Playboy. Outside beauty only does so much for me. I look for the inner beauty as well. She truly is a special lady inside with a warm heart. She does not rush and treats you only in a way you could hope for. When I first got to Bunny a wedding was being performed by Dennis. Really cool.

I sat in the bar and gazed at my date to be. After the wedding we sat and talked in the polar and got close and talk a while. She had me feeling very at ease and ready to negotiate for a party. Negotiations went well and party we did. I waited at the bar so that she could freshen up. I had said she could come out naked to get me. To my surprise she did come out in a short sassy robe. Oh my. I could only think that she had not a stich on under that robe. In the room when she slipped off, I mean to tell you one of the best sexy bodies I have seen anywhere. Rachel does wax and is smooth as silk. I cannot forget to say how tight her pussy is. So tight that she can squeeze her pussy around my little finger. I thought she was going to have trouble with the size of my cock. Once we got started and her multiple orgasms there was no problem for sure.

Out of a scale to 10 she is off the chart. She is definitely the best of the 15 woman I have partied with in a years time. I will be comparing all my parties now to her. A definite repeat for me. I hope Rachel will want to have me over and over. Rachel in is a league of her own. We had a sensual good time that we both enjoyed. Thanks Rachel.

– Jay