Rachel Varga

I first got interested in Rachel via her posts here. then I got more interested in Rachel when I saw her pics. then when I saw her at the Bunny Bar, I got REAL interested. wow. wotta doll. and damn, wouldn’t you know it…..a half hour later, there I am, in her room, ready for play time!

Boys, if you like your babes blonde and busty, Rachel is your girl. she reminded me of the glory days of busty blondes at the BR, when girls like kalli morgan and jayden prescott were soakin’ the sheets. she’s gonna be a star this summer there at Dennis’ Disneyland for Howlin’ Horndogs. she’s a fucking knockout with a stunning figure, a very nice young lady, and she’s got a most sexy Latin accent to boot. cosmo says……oh yeah!</p>