If you want a short and sweet review:  WOW!  Book an appointment with Rachel as soon as you can, trust me, it is worth every penny!

If you want a longer version:

Rachel and I had some communication pre-party, and decided an outdate to play some Blackjack would be fun.  It’s my favorite casino game, and she wanted to learn how to play. 
I was a bit nervous as I pulled into the Mustang, but my nerves were quickly eased as soon as I met her.  Fun personality, and an absolute knockout.  The photos she posts on her website and twitter don’t do her beauty justice.

This was my first time visiting the Mustang Ranch, and I was quite impressed at how classy it was, and the friendliness of the other ladies and staff.  After talking for a few minutes, Rachel and I headed to the negotiation room, things went smoothly, and off we went to the casino in Reno.

I made sure the table knew that Rachel was a “blackjack virgin”, which usually means good luck.  We had a lot of fun, and initially she had a lot of luck and was well ahead.  We were at a fun table with fun dealers the entire night, with one exception who was a self-appointed expert on questioning our play.  She left soon enough, and time flew by as we visited a bit between hands and she caught on to the game quickly.  After about two hours, we were both ready to head back to the Mustang.

Rachel knew I hadn’t eaten dinner and since the restaurant was closed for the evening when we got back, so she thoughtfully brought some snacks for me to enjoy while I waited for her to join me in one of the VIP rooms.

I’m not going to share too many details of the party, other than everything you read about Rachel giving the best blow jobs on this planet is absolutely fact.  I can’t even come up with the correct adjective to describe it, other than “amazing”, which really doesn’t do it justice.  She was absolutely fantastic in the bedroom, and we both shared some good laughs when we realized that we had completely knocked the mattress off the bed at one point.

I’m counting the days until I can see her again.  As tough as it will be to top our last party, I’m certain she will.