Timewasting Assholes

There is no shortage of time wasting assholes in the adult industry. Since it is driven by sex you have this group of guys that do anything to talk to you. Luckily I am experienced and most of this stuff I ignore. Before I start you should realize that I am bitching because I think it’s funny and also so that new girls won’t have to go through this kind of bullshit.

When I was in camming it’s the guys that incessantly ask you to show them your boobs and ass for free. I just ignore them.

In Domming it’s subs that send dick pics of their small dick trying to piss you off so you will go off on them, which is what they want. They want to be humiliated and talked down to. Don’t forget the ones that say they will do any task to please you and beg for a humiliating task. It doesn’t make sense because they are being selfish. They think that you have the same kind of drive as them but we are women and we don’t. They think all we do is sit around all day long Domming people for free. We have bills too. I really hate those the most. Selfish little cocksuckers.

In the prostitution world it’s a little different. The “I want to get to know you to see if we click” but never follow through trick. It doesn’t take three months to decide if you want to fuck me. Ridiculous shit. Then then the imbeciles that request you contact them and just leave their number and no email.

For example this guy Roel does that to different girls. I texted him and he goes on and on about he wants to take me shopping and blah blah blah. Then comes the real intent. “Can you send me some pictures?” to which I replied, “Yes after you make an appointment and deposit”. No response. Lol!

You have to draw you lines and stick with them. I don’t take drunks. One of them gets stupid and it’s all down hill for him. I can promise you that. A few drinks it okay but not if you’re shitface. I have an price I won’t go under and of course many guys have an attitude like, “If you don’t want my money someone else will”. Yeah that’s true and I would feel stupid for having given in to give you a fifty dollar blow job. I don’t do fifty dollar blowjobs. I’m worth more than that. So guys with that attitude can go to another girl but driving a Volkswagen isn’t nearly as luxurious as a Mercedes.

Most of the guys in LPIN are pleasant and respectful and I am not talking about them. Just the few that will tell you things like, “If you don’t French kiss or do DATY then you won’t get any business.” I don’t do either of them or anal and a lot of other things and I am making plenty of money. It’s the same old thing, some will promise you anything to get their dick in your pussy so be patient and don’t fall for these time wasting tactics. In the end you will feel better about yourself that you didn’t give in for the lure of money.

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