First time here, and was somewhat shy when I entered. Needed a pit stop after the long drive to the ranch. Read about it and always wanted to visit the place. I walked around for a couple of minutes then Rachel caught my eye sitting at one of the tables. I didn’t feel like going to the bar; there were a couple of ladies there. I sat down and started talking with Rachel, mentioned I was on vacation, and decided to drive 300 miles to check out the Mustang Ranch. She gave me a tour of the place, and she was very professional. I had a lineup and decided to pick her; I actually liked most of the ladies in the lineup, wasn’t sure who to pick, so I picked Rachel because she helped me out and I did like her personality. I decided to go for regular sex, nothing kinky. I have to say I wasn’t ready for how intense it got. She was on top, and I was getting too excited. Ended with a massage. She was great with real firm breasts, and a tight pussy. I had a great time. I will have to prepare better next time I visit. Rachel, you’re a muse, after I got home I played some piano, and it sounded inspired. Thank you, Rachel.
Mitchell 2017-07-18