Rachel Varga Owned Me

Rachel Varga

CWMC was a blast. More to come. But as to the topic, I have been owned by Rachel Varga, and there isn’t a better feeling in the world. Rachel happens to be the best thing to hit the Mustang Ranch since sliced bread met peanut butter and jelly…and she’ll make you melt far easier than that. The short of it is thus: Rachel rocks worlds on a regular basis.

Trying to describe Rachel would be like describing how a beauteous blonde butterfly flaps its wings. You’ll miss out on it if you blink, and you’ll wonder what happened. But one thing is certifiable: Rachel is gorgeous. Her Romanian accent belies a sophistication, uncanny and uncommon. Her body is hard, her breasts are supple yet supreme, her mouth is tender on your own body. Her bottom is firm and her legs are strong. Here is a lady who commands your eyes to drift upon her. Her own eyes are beautiful, and gazing upon them is to realize all your dreams are right in front of you.

Rachel stuns you into surrender. Throughout our party, the only words that I could say aloud were “yes” and “oh god.” Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to totally trust someone, and then to give in? Rachel does these not with her words but with her allure.

Rachel knows what to do with you. She knows exactly how to please you as you stand staring at her beauty, and even better what to do when you are nude in her bed. She knows that you want to explore her body with your hands. She knows how to please you with her soft lips. She will keep you under her control while she is on top of you, and she will make demands of your body with hers. But she does this while ensuring your unspoken demands are exceeded.

She will work both sides of your body, front, and back. She’ll find places you’ll never thought existed, erogenous zones that only she knows. And if you yearn for her body, or perhaps, if you yearn for that primal desire to thrash about wildly in passion; if you must allow your body to convulse with pleasure, then she will enhance her touch tenfold. You will never have an orgasm the way Rachel will give you if that’s what you want.

Me, I wanted to submit my body entirely to her. Every part of me became hers. I was treated to the highest pleasures I’ve ever known. Rachel has a collection of toys that help serve this purpose…but my eyes were closed in my own ecstasy that I did not realize til after how impressive it was, the things she did to me. Leather, plastic, rubber, hard, soft, hot, cold, wow.

Later we showered. And I cannot impress enough that there is no feeling quite like Rachel’s solid bust lathered in soap in your arms.

I obeyed every single command of hers. She rewarded me by fulfilling my desires in every single way. Rachel is sweet and sensual, but if you want a domme who will control you, she can be that too.</p><p>Just don’t piss her off. If you do, prepare for the consequences. Your butt may never be redder……