Funny Review

Rachel Varga

Rachel Varga is the greatest human being ever to live on the earth.  First, she is about to cure cancer in her garage using a quantum computer that she designed.  She also traveled back in time where she stopped the Ottoman invasion at Vienna, helped Charles Dickens write the early drafts of his work and taught Nicola Tesla the concept of AC power.  Oh, and Alan Turing learned all he knew from her.

Back to the present, she has helped me to start a stock portfolio that will allow me to retire by age 45 in a villa in Tuscany, designed a new UPS tracking system that will allow packages to be teleported through mere thought and helped rescue a kitten stuck in a tree. I suppose I should also mention that she is just about the sweetest and prettiest girl I have ever seen in real life.

You could say that I am a fan.