Let me first tell you how I met Rachel.  We were followers on Twitter but never really interacted. She sent me a message in response to something she noticed in my Twitter header; something regarding a change in my life.  She picked up on it, the only one of my followers. I was struck immediately by her curiosity yet caring reactions when I explained. We became “friends” quickly and understood each other from the start. Well I had my first weeklong visit coming up to Reno/Tahoe for skiing and brothel fun so I made sure to set aside a night early in the week to visit Rachel.  I had seen pics of her and we had this great connection but we never really met.  When I arrived and walked in the Saloon for the first time ever she was sitting at a table waiting for me…I realized she really is a cutie right away. .  Like I‘ve heard before it is very true that in person she is incredibly stunning more than her pics reflect.  We chatted a bit,  and  I never felt rushed. The negotiations were very easy and we went back to her room to have a love session. I have been coming to the area for many years and I don’t kiss and tell but I will tell you I had the hottest session ever with this luscious Romanian beauty.  When she works on you I think you will agree!  I couldn’t get enough of her and so I did return to see her a few more times before my week came to an end.  In fact I surprised her on her birthday with a visit and gave her a nice orgasm:)I highly recommend you visit Rachel even though I’d love to have her for my own!