A Fake World

I try to be as real as possible but it can be hard to perfectly translate thoughts on to paper and have someone read them the way you thought them out in your head. Being a Courtesan is not what people think. It’s not sucking any guy’s dick for $25 bucks, it’s not getting pounded by cowboys like in the tv shows, it’s not being an abused girl on drugs, or any of that stereotypical bullshit you seeing in movies or hear about in popular culture.

It’s much more complicated than that. It is a business where we choose customers and we choose the price. Guys don’t just get to fuck us any way they want, and we have real armed security for anyone that tries anything like that. It is totally different than independent or illegal prostitution.

It’s big business.

Most people come to me wanting to have fun and not hear anything serious. They come to escape the world and I am totally fine with that because it does the same thing for me but I think we can do this without all the fakery and cookie-cutter articles written by people in the industry. The fake girls that really are not in any way as they portray.

My personality attracts people that like to talk to a woman that is more than “look at me hee hee, I’m so naughty”. I play around but I can talk like a normal person. I know a lot of things but I am humble enough to listen when I don’t. Some people want Daddy’s little girl but it’s totally fake for me. I could triple my income if I did that but it would be too tiresome to be fake all the time.

I am more of the classy girl that knows when to be naughty and when not to be. I am more like the Gal Gadot version of Wonder Woman, a powerful woman but not a feminist bitch, not the Brie Larsen Captain Marvel, a total man-hating bitch, or Harley Quinn a dumbass. Wonder Woman is a much better role model for girls than Captain Marvel. She is a powerful woman but still understands love. She wants a relationship with a man as more equal than being her bitch or suck on Mr. J’s pp.

I don’t know how long I will be in this business truthfully. The amount of utter stupidity that comes out of some people’s mouths and the fake girls that supposedly like their customers but privately say they hate them all is wearing on me. I am sure some girls would love to see me go but when I do it will be on my terms and I will walk knowing I was real and they can stay behind living their fake shitty lives.

I have dealt with some really manipulative fucks. To win Courtesan of the Year I had to fight so hard against mean people that were well-known customers in the community that always got their way and treated women as pawns and their little fuck dolls. They could not stand some girl coming in and not doing what they were told to do. It was just inconceivable that a girl like me could win that award. Their tactics were dirty and underhanded, even to the point of trying to get the vote count changed and get me fired but it all failed for them. It failed because I didn’t give in, I didn’t break under the pressure. I refused to be something I am not.

I won Courtesan of the Year because I understand what people really want (real sexuality and intelligence) when they come to see me, and I don’t take anybody’s shit.

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