Rachel Varga 2016 Courtesan of the Year Acceptance Speech

Here is my acceptance speech. Thank you all. – Rach

Hello, and thank you so much for having me here today.

First, I would like to thank the CWMC Awards committee for putting on this beautiful banquet, and for all your hard work during the competition. The dedication of today’s members and those throughout years past, is unsurpassed in it’s commitment to honoring working girls and brothels for their hard work.

To those that voted for me I am humbled that you chose me as Courtesan of the Year. Those that know me, thank you for your faith, and to those that do not, thank you for taking a chance on me. I am honored to receive this award. This award is not intended to honor one woman though, it is to honor all of the working women in our community. It is a testament to our tenacity and will to endure the prejudice of society so that we can have good lives and help those around us. That we as women can make choices for ourselves. We should be thankful for their sacrifice because without them there would be no LPIN.

I have always tried to stand by my beliefs and fight for what I think is right. My goal has never been to build empires, become wealthy, or be better than anyone else. I am already wealthy in family and friendships of all those around me.

Victoria, Kitti, Alice, and Coco, you are all truly worthy of this award. You are all so unique and wonderful and I am proud to have been a part of this with you. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

When I first started at the Mustang a specific lady told me she that she is not a fan of new girls but that she liked me and when I asked her a few months later if she still liked me she said, “No….I love you.” That really meant a lot to me. Thank you Victoria. I love you too.

Kitti, you are one of a kind. I am happy to have you in my life. When I think of you I am reminded of that classic line from Highlander, “There can be only one.”

Jennifer, I deeply admire you for your strength and courage. You have always treated me with respect and believed in me. I will always be grateful for this.

Tara, you are the example of what a Madam should be. You know how to keep us going in a way that is loving and encouraging. We are truly blessed to have you with us and in my heart you have won Madam of the Year.

There are so many people that support us. Hostess, cooks, cashiers, security, and all other personnel that help to make us successful. I have many wonderful friends here and I love all of you. We are all part of a community that is special and I hope to make you proud and do my best to be an example to other girls that through perseverance and hard work you can succeed in the brothel life.

Lastly there is one person here that I want to say something to. Max, when I arrived here in America it took a long time to find a friend like you. A friend that will take the ship-wheel when the raging sea resolves to drown me, while knowing full well that she may also may be pulled into its murky depths with me.

Herman Melville said, “Friendship at first sight, like love at first sight, is said to be the only truth.”

Thank you Max for your love and friendship.

Thank you all.

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  1. Terrific Speech! I’m very proud to have had a little part during the 2016 Award year. Congratulations Rachel!

  2. Congratulations Rachel! You deserved it because you give super parties and you aren’t all about yourself. Unlike last years me me me speech it’s a refreshing change to have a real coy!

    I bet cookiedouche is fuming.

  3. Yesterday, CookieMonster created a negative topic about you on the SIN board, which he has since deleted, and you responded admirably. He temporarily turned on the function to see who upvoted posts. I noticed that Firefighter upvoted your post twice as Firefighter and his CWMCAwardsCommitee account. As of right now, Firefighter’s account and posts seem to have been removed from the board.

    It’s likely that Cookie will start targeting people who support you now. He can not be trusted, and if he was willing to abuse the upvote function, likely nothing will stop him from reading member’s private PMs.

    Finally, I noticed that Ruby Rae and Kitty Minx upvoted the posts where Cookie attacked you. Just some additional information.

  4. Post

    Well well well. I guess we see again those that would act like my friends but then upvote negative posts about me. The thing with Ruby is normal girl stuff. I don’t have hate for her. Kitti though. Well it confirms what I was told that at the pool party she was telling people that I didn’t deserve to win and then come right up to me and act like my friend. Third strike and you’re out.

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