Rachel – A Real Cowgirl

I have been to different brothels in search of that one girl that is truly exceptional in the sense that she truly enjoys making people happy. I had heard on some forums about Rachel and thought I would check her out. We met and she was so amazingly beautiful. She oozed sexuality but not in a bad way. In a way that makes you feel special. She was sophisticated but not in any way stuck up. Super easy to talk to. We sat and talked about different things. She is very knowledgeable but not a wannabe intellectual elitist. I was impressed. We then decided to negotiate. Once we made it to her room, she made me feel at ease. She knows what she is doing and takes care of everything. We started with some making out and damn it was hot. To be frank I was so hard it was hurting. I don’t want to sound crass or say anything wrong so let me say it like this. When she went down on me I thought I died and went to heaven. She uses her hands while she is doing it. Her passion for it was overwhelming, She said it was her favorite thing to do and by God, it must be. I couldn’t hold myself and popped so hard. I was exhausted. Hahaha once I recovered, she laid me down and rode me as I have never been ridden. When she bent over for me, I marveled at how gorgeous her ass was. Again it was hard to hold when you are with her. She is so into it and passionate. It was incredible. Afterward, we talked and unlike other girls, she did not just hop up and kick me out. I am going through a hard time and Rachel made me feel special. It was just what I needed. Oh, how I wish I would have lost my virginity to her. Thank you, Rachel. I will never forget you and I will be back to see you. That is a guarantee!!!

poleclimberjames 2016-11-12