We Are Courtesans

There is always a debate in LPIN over what is the proper term for a courtesan. Why? I do not know because you would think that those that participate in LPIN would respect the girls and the girls respect themselves. I have heard someone say that some girls wear the term whore as a badge of honor. Those who would wear the word whore as a badge of honor are a disgrace and should not be working in this industry.

There is no form or use of the word whore that does not have a negative meaning. Whore is often used to term a loose woman or a woman that is easy. Whore is used in describing a courtesan in a negative way and nothing else. There is no way to address a courtesan or any woman using the word whore. If you believe this, then you are just plain ignorant. It is not a word we want to be used when being referred to.

Guys complain that everyone is trying to be too politically correct. No, they are just tired of being insulted. If the “n” word shouldn’t be acceptable, along with the term faggot, then why are derogatory, sexist titles acceptable? It’s not okay to be racist or homophobic but it is to be sexist? Give me a break. It has nothing to do with political correctness. It has to do with not wanting to give up your Asshole Express card.

When I bring this up most of the guys on forums, agree it is not acceptable, but you always have those that argue with me about it. Some of them think this is funny and try to poke fun at me because of their self-esteem issues and inadequate feelings around women. They believe that because they visit the brothels non stop that they have some understanding of women. Some deeper insight into the female psyche. I’m sorry, but you don’t know anything about women.

Girls need to stop all these Hookers for _______ nonsense campaigns. When I worked at the Bunny Ranch, I would have never stood there with a sign that says Hookers for Hillary. I wouldn’t put my name on ANYTHING with the word hooker.

We are courtesans. Not your whore, hooker, or ho. Deal with it or don’t get laid. Girls, stop calling yourselves whore and hooker. It is selfish in that you are letting others believe it is okay. Not too funny if someone calls your Mom or Sister a whore is it? Then why would you demean yourself with the same thing?

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  1. I personally prefer the term hooker for myself. I call other women “providers” unless it’s a group of close friends, then we call each other hookers or talk about hooking. I don’t personally care what anyone identifies as, I have an issue with things being used against us.

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    I don’t care either what people identify as. Among ourselves it’s our right to use what we like. My big thing is the word whore. I hate when guys on SIN use that word because of all guys that you think would respect us you think it would be them but some of them are just typical asshole guys. I hate when girls use it too, especially publicly.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. I lurk on that board and what bugs me is a particular member’s boasts about snagging “top shelf girls” for under $400. “Top shelf girls” like he got a fine wine for the price of watered down beer except in this case he got a hot chick for the price of someone less hot with low self esteem. It has always pissed me off. I get that it’s a looks based industry but to literally infer he’s pulling disposable women off a shelf is something different. He’ll of course complain he’s being censored by the political correctness police if he’s ever called on it, like all assholes complain when they’re told not to be assholes.

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    I’m not sure who it is on the board that said that but it sounds familiar.

    There are a lot of guys like you that read but don’t participate and I wouldn’t either if I was a guy. It’s like a bunch of little girls. There’s just some douches on there.

    Those turds that treat people like crap tried to tell me that lurkers reading the board don’t like me because of my attitude but I get a lot emails saying the opposite. I never ever received an email saying anything negative. Not once. I had two lurkers on this last run that loved my attitude so the truth is that the assholes over there don’t know what they are talking about.

    And they lie about getting the hottest girls for $400. If they tell the truth, the douches attack them and say their stupid.

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Don’t recall the word whore ever being used as you claim it was. I believe it was the word hooker , go back and check for yourself. I rarely go on SIN anymore, too much censorship and power trippin’ mods. Cookiemonster should have never been given that board, he’s too much of a baby.

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    I never said it was used. There was a big debate about it. Some thought it was funny, some said they knew girls that wear it a badge of honor, and some defended the use of the word whoremonger. That is what I am talking about.

    I always hate when people use the term, “as you claim”. It’s hard to determine if someone is being a smartass or not. Either way your remark is ridiculous. I should go check 100’s of posts? How about you go check too and make sure it was never said, because if you don’t recall then you might be wrong too?

    The word whore has been replaced with the word courtesan on new posts and I’ll have to check whether or not it is changed in old posts automatically.

    As for your second portion. I agree he has no business running a board. He’s a CookieDouche.

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