Platinum Rachel

During my Spring trip, I had 7 parties. One of them with Rachel Varga. I was nervous for various reasons. One was an avoidance issue of one of the ladies there, two – that I haven’t been there since 2014, and three – meeting this pretty lady for the first time. Rachel basically told me to focus on her, whether we talk or fuck, we’ll be fine. After our conversations on the Board and emails, I made the decision to go see her. BOY am I glad! What a lover this lady is!!! I’ve had my share of Good, so-so, vanilla, and bad parties, but this one goes in the GREAT category! Rachel’s pretty, fit, smart, loving, and many more accolades fitting of a terrific courtesan! For a first time party, it was so natural and free-flowing! Rachel mentions her “tightness” downstairs on occasion. Uhm, I’m far from a Ron Jeremy, but she speaks the truth. Also, she jokes about having a Platinum Pussy……ha! Yes, she has a Platinum Pussy, but without the Platinum Pussy attitude! So glad I went to a party with Rachel! Hope to see you in the Fall!