Perfect In Every Way

Rachel Varga is special in several ways. Prior to meeting her for the first time just prior to this years CM Events, we had corresponded for a few years about various subjects. All of that fell into the background the moment I laid eyes on Rachael, the real in person beauty. Her presence was captivating, natural beauty and it was like meeting a celebrity for me like Bridget Bardo or some hollywood actress. But don’t let her beauty and presence scare you off. Instead, the big surprise to me was how soft spoken Rachel was, with her very sensual accent from her homeland. She seemed confidently shy and not aggressive or money grabbing whatsoever.

Rachel’s eye contact and constant smile gave off the vibe that i would soon be in for an amazing experience. I could barely wait any longer.
Right away after meeting Rachel in the afternoon before the Poolside Party just when I got to town, I wanted to get to it.

Once in the room, her room is extremely clean, equipped with fresh towels and body wash, and very clean. I excused myself for a moment and asked Rachel to wait to disrobe until I could watch. She was very cooperative with her classic smile. She was wearing a very sexy black bra that is a turn on to me.

Rachael is very much of a pleaser.
One of the truly great things about Rachel that people might not consider until they party with her the first time is her tenderness. She has a brilliant way to combine the intimate moment while keeping it both physical and real. You will experience for a moment her gentle touch of humanity and love of people. She won’t say it. She will show it.  Yes, it is about tenderness and she is a very loving person. Rachael’s genuine affection made me feel appreciated and wanted, at least for the moment we were together. There was nothing phony about it because most of it was non verbal, Her touch, her smile, her enjoyment were all convincing. I barely knew that this was a fantasy. I felt more like I was with a long term girlfriend. No wonder guys want to repeat with her.

Eventually, the voice on the speaker came to our party and Rachel said Ok, and reassured me not to worry. She kept on pleasing me and without the pressure to re-party with more money.  I was never rushed out of the door.
Rachel is a sweetheart and I recommend her to any respectful man who can appreciate a woman with classic beauty and a genuine heart. Rachel has it all. There is no doubt in my mind as to why Rachel is a recipient of the Courtesan of the Year. I recommend Rachel Varga heartily. Take your best game or not, I believe that she will please you either way because with Rachel it is all about pleasing you.  Treat her well. She will treat you better. That is my prediction.