Parties – Old Version



I have listed a large assortment of what kinds of fun we can have. If you don’t see what you want listed here then feel free to send me an email so we can discuss it.

  • Shower Party ~ Shower with your lady
which you can enjoy before or after your sexual journey. Warning! The water is warm and the suds are oh so slippery! 😉
  • Cuddly Softness ~ Let’s cuddle
  • Bubble Bath ~ Indulge yourself in an aroma-filled bubble bath with me or another lady of your choice! Complete with champagne!
  • Wild Horse Round Up ~ Try our sex swing or any one of our carefully selected and specifically “engineered” sex furnishings!
  • Half & Half ~ How you start and how you finish is up to you! Oral and straight sex.
  • MĂ©nage Ă  Trois ~ (house recommendation) The classic two on one sexual encounter that’s sure to please “everyone”!
  • Virginity ~ Lose your virginity and have the first time experience of a lifetime.
  • Couples ~ I love couples and have written an article on my thoughts on couples and parties with them. You can find it here.
  • Lingerie Show ~ For your eyes only, a private parade of nightgowns, garters, panties, teddies, and more!
  • Two (or more) Girl Show ~ Sit back and watch your ladies frolic, play, and pleasure one another right before your very eyes!
  • Sexy Cinema ~ Sit with a lady (or two) of your choice and enjoy the best in adult pornographic full length features or short films!
  • Bungalow Party ~ Choose from a wide variety of themed suites to party in, The Italian Suite, Asian Suite, Hawaiian Suite, Safari Suite, just to name a few. See and “experience” the world’s largest bed
.sleeps twelve for a REAL party time!
  • Jacuzzi Parties ~ Indoor or outdoor group events for wet and wild erotic fun!
  • VIP Party Room ~ Create your own themed party in our private VIP Room, complete with mirrors, stage, music, movies, lavish furnishings and more!
When choosing a courtesan for a girlfriend experience you want a girl that can adapt to most personalities. You want someone to listen, someone to talk to, play with, among a whole host of things that we humans need to feel wanted. Relationships can be difficult and often end in heartbreak. You may be so busy that it’s difficult to find time to date. Whatever the reason I am there for you. I am naturally affectionate. It is not fake, that’s the real me. We can talk about anything and I will listen without prejudice of any sort. I believe that the best relationship is when both people are so close, that it’s we against the world above all.

During your time with me I will be your actual girlfriend. For you to really feel it I can’t act I just become it. We will talk ahead of time and I will learn your likes and dislikes. When the day comes to meet, it will not be awkward. I will simply turn to you and become her. The girl you want, always wanted, will want in the future. You and I will be mates. I am there for you the entire time. I do not leave the girlfriend experience at any time unless absolutely necessary.

We can do whatever you want. Watch movies and cuddle, followed by passionate lovemaking. We can be the crazy couple, play in the hot tub followed by a romp in the sack. I like to touch and feel my mate, and I am playful and fun to be around. I can and will seduce you. The sound of my voice with it’s beautiful Romanian accent will bewitch you and melt your heart.

The world is ours and we are going to own it together.

I am often asked whether or not a lot of virgins come to the Mustang Ranch. The answer is yes. A lot of virgins come here. What better way to lose your virginity to a beautiful woman that knows how to make that special once in a lifetime event something you will truly never forget?

Every girl says they love virgins and why not? You have nothing to compare her to. How do you know if she is truly thinking about this moment? You won’t. You can only go by what you are told or hear. If you go on the Mustang Ranch forums you will find that I have a virgin fetish. In other words I love virgins. I love to be the one that makes your first time special. I love to see the look in your eyes when they let go of their virginity.

There are different types of guys. Some want a romantic encounter and to be taught how to please a woman. Some want to just get it over with and are so nervous they can hardly talk. No matter how you feel or what you want, I will make you at ease. I want to make your first time the most incredible event you have ever experienced. I remember my first time. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. What I would do to go back and have a man that was very experienced take me the way I wanted. You should have a woman that will take you the way you want.

You will be at ease all through the process. First we discuss how you see it happening, if you want suggestions I have many. I will tailor this event to you because it is about you. Then you just make an appointment and prepare for the day. When the day comes and you arrive, I will greet you at the door. You will feel comfortable as I take you by the arm and into my room where we will quickly conduct the negotiations and the pay will be taken care of.

Then the door closes and the night you have been waiting your entire life for begins.

Couples are extra special to me. It takes a special kind of relationship to bring another partner in for fun. I think many couples come here because they know there will be no emotional ties and the girl they play with is not going to come between them. This is in fact true. Playing with us is probably the safest bet if you are in a relationship.

Some couples are always looking for something new to try, some want to spice up their marriage, and some probably are more the guys idea than the girls. For me to best is when I can tell they are like soulmates and nothing will bother either one of them. They are just having fun and will go home and fuck like crazy and have no problems at all.

I know my role in this because I have been on the other side. My job is to fulfill each of your fantasies but not have them collide. I have to know when something isn’t working and change or slow the pace, I have to sense when the woman is getting anxiety because her man is getting a blowjob. I don’t want either of them leaving feeling hurt because even in the closest of relationships there in the dark, lurking, and waiting is jealousy, regret, or anxiety.

You can believe me when I say that I know what you need, and how to give it. I am on the couple side quite often and for me it is fun and there is no problem with anxiety. I love it. There is nothing more powerful than trusting each other absolutely in such a vulnerable situation.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. I will answer any questions you have.

This party consists of two Queens and you. Queen Rachel and Queen Faith. You are trying to become the King to get the Queens and we are trying to make you The Joker to entertain us. It is very simple. We are going to play strip poker and if you win then you get to be the King of Hearts and have the Queen of Hearts and Queen of Diamonds.

If you lose, you get to be The Joker and not the Heath Ledger Joker. No you will have to entertain us to curry favor with us. Remember we both have dominant tendencies and failure to entertain the Queens could be, well let’s just say it won’t be good.

This is a 3 hour minimum but I am going to throw in an hour before hand with me to play Poker in private.

If you want another girl please let me know. I don’t party with just any girls so ask me first.

This Outdate is very simple. You take me to go play Blackjack. Doesn’t matter if it is the cheapest table. It’s for the fun of it. Three hour minimum plus one free hour beforehand so you can give me a private lesson in BlackJack.

Three hour minimum and will have to pass all the Ranch’s standard background checks and so on.

Guys I love BBQ. I mean I love it almost as much as chocolate. This is not complicated. I want to go to the BEST BBQ place around here. I don’t care if it’s some fancy restaurant or a hole in the wall. It just has to be good. When we are done we will head back to the Ranch and I get to put on my cowboy hat and play cowgirl.

2 hours for the Outdate and 1 hour for the party.

If the BBQ is exceptional I will add 1 hour to the party for FREE.

This is a strictly domination fetish party. Come see Sister Rachel and she will hear your confessions and administer the appropriate punishments.