I have been coming to the Mustang Ranch for a while, and I have partied with quite a few ladies. Not long ago I finally had a party with Rachel. I had heard a lot about her and was a little intimidated. She is extremely beautiful. We talked, and she was so easy to talk to. A very down to earth lady and that accent is so hypnotizing. So we went to party.

There are no words to describe this woman. She is the most affectionate girl I have ever partied with. She made me feel like I was her boyfriend. She just has this way that says she accepts you and wants to make you happy. The sex was amazing. Not to be crass but she was so tight that I could barely hold myself. She could tell, and she slowed up to make me last longer. I never had oral like the oral she gave me. She was incredible but what made her different was that she took time and really seemed to be in the zone. I can’t describe it. She is the dream girl I have always wanted. I don’t mind I can only see her at the Mustang, I’m just happy to know that my dream girl is there.
D 2019-05-06