My Fan Sites

I’ve been on Onlyfans for a while now and I really like it because it is more personal and it allows fans to tip me for content if they choose. I don’t require and have many that just pay the subscription which is perfectly fine. I’m not a money-hungry girl charging for every little thing. I have a very different way of doing things that I think is better. Instead of charging everyone for everything or for things like talking to me I do the following.

I talk to everyone. If you message me I will write back and have conversations. I realized that it isn’t really fair to spread my time evenly. Some of my fans tip, buy videos, and sext which means they should be able to talk to me more. I didn’t want to make it into packages where you buy a vip package for more time because I do things organically. I don’t sit with a timer during conversations. I just know who is who and what they contribute.

A few people didn’t like this but they don’t understand that this is how business works. This is a business for me because I pay bills like everyone else and I have dreams and want things for myself just like anyone with a job. I am just lucky to have a job that is like this where I can spend time with people. I like to make people happy and I am again lucky to be able to do this with my sexuality. I like taking pics, making videos, sexting, roleplay, and other things.

So this is how I do things with my fans. ALL of them get my love and affection. I just have to spread it out differently because I don’t want packages and stuff like that. I want my fans to feel like we are friends with benefits.


I do custom photos. They can be very vanilla romantic and they can be very explicit. Just let me know and we will see what I can do for you.


  • Solo Video
  • Blowjob Videos
  • Toy Videos
  • Custom Videos

If it is custom please give me some time depending on how elaborate it is. I usually have them done within a week.



This applies to all my content. I love to roleplay. I can do almost anything except a few things. Don’t be worried if it’s taboo, it will not bother me in any way. I am very open about this so don’t worry about how taboo or explicit it is.


So many people say they don’t do this but then when they try it with me they love it. Do not worry if you are not talkative. Give me the subject or scenario and I take it from there. I am an expert at this.

Virtual Girlfriend or Wife

I will be your virtual girlfriend. I have done girlfriend, wife, cheating mistress, aunt, boss, and a lot of other things. The prices on this vary. It depends on how long. A week? A month? How often you want to be messaged. Do you want a skype show, sexting, or pics just let me know and I will try to figure out something for you. I am not like other girls and send a letter with two sentences. If you want it authentic I will give you that.


I will record custom audio for you to listen to whenever you like. Use your earbuds to listen to it at work and go in a stall in the bathroom and quietly jerk off or you could even listen to it while your wife or girlfriend gives you head. We can figure out what you want and you can even send the script and I will see if I can do it for you.


I will write a story of whatever you like. We can discuss the content and length. Please remember these can sometimes be quick or sometimes take up to a week depending on length and complexity. 

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