My Almost College Lover

The other night we had some college kids doing research on life in a brothel. Five girls and one boy. I say girls and boys because they were in college still. Anyways we did a lineup for them and they each picked someone to show them around and answer all their questions. Luckily the young guy picked me.

Their questions were respectful and nothing negative. They seemed to be surprised at how things were. One of them said that they sat in the parking lot and almost left because they were nervous. It was nice to see someone genuinely interested in what we do here and not look down at us.

Back to the guy. I took him on a tour and showed him around the Ranch. Pretty much how we do it so he would get the authentic experience. We ended up back in my room and he asked me questions and I gave him the answers but I could tell he was really nervous. It can be intimidating when you are young and are alone in the room with a beautiful woman. Especially one that is an expert at sex.

Too bad I couldn’t give him the full experience. That would have been a story none of his friends would believe. So if you read this Mr. College Boy email me and we will work out something affordable and we can finish your tour properly or you can just write and say hi.

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