Like Driving a Ferrari

Though my first party with Rachel was exemplary, the one I just had was lightyears beyond. She’s unbelievable. What a lady. She was wearing this sexy long-sleeved red dress…and her legs were long and luscious. We all caught up on things, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this party I was about to have with her. Eventually, I just about begged to go in the back. I think she liked that 😉 But though my first party with her was all about me wanting to do whatever she asked, this party was all about me. Folks: her service is extraordinary. From the get-go, she found places on my body that I didn’t know existed – erogenous zones that I’ve never thought could feel so sexy when she touched them. It helps that she’s pretty stupendously hot too. I can’t get over the look of her fair skin and platinum blonde hair next to me, and her firm bust on top of me. She legitimately cares that you have satisfaction. She tugged on my dick with purpose, finding out exactly how I liked it and then using the rest of her body to make it better. She mounted me like she was getting in a damn Ferrari like she was gonna do something fast and hard and enjoy it all the while. When I finally came she pressed her body on me like iron, and my God, was I steaming hot. She is a total sweetheart too. We spent a lot of time talking about…anything while lying next to each other. Her body is a joy with which to cuddle. And she’s pretty intelligent if you haven’t gathered that – politics, science, sociology, she’s well versed in a ton of things. Go see Rachel. She’s nothing short of incredible.
highdrive 2016-11-01