LGBTQ+ Brothels

There are no LGBTQ+ parties offered at any brothels in NV and it’s time to consider changing this. The brothels have always kept the same business model in that they cater to men. I feel like they are stuck in the past personally. The world changes and if they don’t do something then the business will slowly dwindle until they are gone. They don’t even offer anything to people in their 20’s and 30’s. Young people see sex so much differently than the baby boomers and even generation X.

We do get lesbian customers and some of the girls are bisexual. There are no men to cater to the gay market. It was tried once and it didn’t work but it wasn’t given enough time. There are no transgendered workers either. There is a huge market for LGBTQ+ customers but no one seems to see it or they don’t understand it.

If a brothel does offer services to the community there will be no rush of people in the door but it takes time. If you hired one or two men, women, or transgender people then you could do it by appointments only until they build a clientele. They could schedule their appts in blocks if they want so that they won’t have to take the medical tests every time they leave and come back because when you leave and come back you must have the medical check and that costs time and money.

There are people out there that want these types of parties and there are people that want to try new things. Just like men there are people that can’t be out in the open for whatever reason but want companionship. We live in a country where many people have no way to express their inner feelings for partners that are not heterosexual and this would be a safe and secure way.

Please, if I used any terms incorrectly let me know.