Filters and #nofilter

Sometimes when surfing through the millions of pictures on the Internet (specifically working girls), I come across this funny hashtag, #nofilter. This hashtag is probably the biggest bullshit hashtag known to mankind. The reason being is that on the most basic level there is no such thing as #nofilter unless you take the picture yourself with a real camera and without any makeup on.

Most programs clean up your pics automatically and if you have any professional photos they have been touched up. In fact if you wear any makeup at all then you are manipulating your look. Look at models without makeup. They look like any girl you have seen without makeup. They have professional makeup artists to make them look good because people buy beauty.

I think the real issue is that people are confusing filters with photo manipulation or as some people call it, Photoshopping. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but just about every magazine cover is photoshopped in some way. Beauty is a fierce and uncompromising competitiveness among women. If you want to make money you have to be beautiful.

So let’s talk about my photos. I use a lot of filters because there are billions of pics that all look the same and I like to create something new from my photos. I like to create moods or feelings with filters. This is not manipulating the photo, this is applying a filter on top of the photo. My fans like my photos and I think part of it is that they are original and have moods. The big boobs probably help too. Lol. I only manipulate a photo if I absolutely have to. I might remove a pimple or maybe the photo was really good but something in the background detracts from it. I have removed things from the background that are distracting and a few things that ruin a great shot. For example I have this pic where a strip of my hair fell down right in front of my eye so I removed the hair. It did not change the way I looked. It allowed the viewer to see my face. I can’t find the original photo but the two versions that I worked on where I removed the hair are below. I will look for better examples.

For girls I would say, don’t be afraid to have fun with your pictures and play with them but keep the Photoshopping to a minimum and only when necessary to enhance the picture not your shape. For guys I would say this. I have never had anyone say that I didn’t look like my pictures. What you see is me. I’m just playing around with colors and so on.

So in conclusion, #nofilter is bullshit.

Rachel-Chair Rachel_3

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  1. You are strikingly beautiful, filter or not, makeup or not. You are pure beauty.

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