Expert At Everything

If you read through house forums it seems some girls are experts at everything. If you have erectile dysfunction no problem, going through a divorce no problem, you are a virgin no problem, into BDSM, blowjob, handjob, roleplay, anal, titty fucking, and just about every other possible thing. No problem they can do it all.

If you see this you should pull out your bullshit detector and throw it as far as away from you as possible because it’s about to explode. There is no way a girl can be an expert at everything and people can see that you are casting a wide net to catch as many fish as you can. Here are a few things that are annoying.

Erectile Dysfunction – Really? In what way can you be an expert? It’s not rocket science. Just be inclusive and find other ways to have fun. Guys, don’t take any of that herbal Viagra. Get the real thing. It’s safe and you won’t have to worry about what’s in it.

Divorce – Going through a divorce, having a rough time in your marriage? Don’t worry someone is an expert. What a bunch of rubbish. If you aren’t a psychologist then you aren’t an expert. To be truthful divorce is better left to therapists if it is effecting you family or work life. If a guy wants to talk about that it is totally acceptable and you should be empathetic and listen to them. Just don’t be a psychiatrist because you aren’t/

Virgins  – My pet peeve. It’s easy to be an expert because the client has no idea what a good time is. You can’t be an expert at virgins. This is totally ridiculous. As long as you are sincere in liking virgins and at the top of your game then his first time will be awesome. A girl with a virgin fetish is the best. I know because I have a huge virgin fetish. (shameless plug)

BDSM  There are very few girls in LPIN that are good at BDSM. You have too many girls that really don’t know anything about it or they aren’t even dominant. I was surprised in how little of it there was in the brothels. It is extremely undervalued and misunderstood. It is one of the things you can truly mess someone’s head up with. It takes a lot of skill to know how to push a sub into subspace and to know when to back off. Most people can’t conceptualize some of the activities in BDSM. If you say your a Domme but CEI grosses you out then you shouldn’t be a Domme. You cannot be judgmental at all. This is something you should not claim to be an expert in unless you really are and very few courtesans really are. By the way all fetishes are dumped under BDSM but not all are BDSM. Furries are not BDSM in general and a lot of the time it’s not a sexual fetish..

Blowjobs – Lastly. Blowjobs. This one makes me lol so hard that milk shoots out my nose. Have you had a girl give you a blowjob where she is really into it? I mean like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Probably not. If you want to know what a top notch blow job is just come see me at The Mustang Ranch and I will show you. (Another shameless plug)

To be an expert at anything you have to be certified or recognized as someone with a deep knowledge on the subject. You should also passionately like it. It’s my number one favorite thing to do. That says it all.

I specifically talked about virgins, bdsm, and blowjobs because those are fetishes of mine. I’m not an expert at everything and won’t say I am. That is setting up a situation where you get a customer that knows a lot about a fetish and you look stupid when it becomes clear you don’t know anything. So be careful posting “expert” ads. You are going to look like a real dumbass sooner or later.

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