Rachel is a fantasy come true. On my first visit to the Mustang Ranch (MR) after more than 30 years, I only had eyes for her. When she smiled at me, I was captivated and gazed at her like I had a schoolboy crush. Gorgeous, stunning, and sexy, she has shining blonde hair, sparkling eyes, and pouty lips. Her body has curves like a winding mountain road, and her legs are long, inviting, and shapely. Her skin is supple, smooth, and unblemished. Our negotiations were problem-free and at a price agreeable to us both. Once in her room, I wished I had multiple hands, lips, and tongues so I could simultaneously explore her every inch and crevice. To me, her best features are her outstanding (literally) all-natural 36DD breasts. Flawless, round areolas top them with nipples like oversized pencil erasers (heh-heh). When she removed her bra my mouth watered because those tits begged to be suckled (okay, I was the one begging). You haven’t had the best until you’ve fondled her breast(s). On my second MR trip, I realized Rachel is best savored slowly and patiently while she purrs and gasps during playtime (or was that me gasping?). Not only that, her vagina held me, warmed me, and fit me snug like a tube of Mentos candy inside its wrapper.

Beyond Rachel’s obvious and glorious assets, her personality makes her all the more irresistible. She is smart, thoughtful, and a good listener. I’ve enjoyed our conversations, which coupled with her Romanian accent is like adding sprinkles to an already delicious cupcake. I appreciate her sense of humor. When scheduling me she joked, I’ll see if “I can squeeze you in.” She knew full well I’d get the double-meaning. My reply was, “I’ll see if I can squeeze in you.” During my second visit, she recalled things about me from the first time. Her remembering me had me desiring her even more. Rachel is the bomb and is worth every bang for the buck, so to speak. I get hard just thinking about her.
Seymour 2018-11-15