To compare Rachel to Aphrodite would not be wrong. Those seductive eyes, that amazing body, and the gorgeous breasts. I was a brothel noob until recently. I came across Rachel’s profile on mustang website and knew immediately that I had to see her. So with high anxiety and apprehension, I contacted her via email. She was prompt and welcoming. She answered all my questions, which helped me get over my nerves.

Cut to the day of my visit to Wild Horse, I stepped through the doors and told the security guy that I was there to see Rachel. As I was sitting down, I saw the vision that is Rachel, walk towards me. She gave me a warm hug. We got to talking as she gave me a tour after which we headed into the negotiation room. Sat on a chair, as I was waiting for her, I saw a side silhouette of her. The perfectly sultry body, curved at all the right places wrapped in a black dress that accentuated everything. That view in itself is worth all your money. As she closed the door to her room behind her, I started to get a bit nervous and excused myself for a quick shower.
With high anxiety, I stepped out of the bathroom and saw Rachel standing completely naked by her bed. Believe me when I say that, I could have just stared at her flawless body for the next hour and it would have been worth all my money and some more. The remainder of the party was just an endless wave of ecstasy and carnal pleasures beyond my comprehension. I can’t wait to party with her again.
Rachel, you rocked my world!!
-Sunny 2019-07-31