Rachel is a very special Lady. We originally came in contact with each other vis a message board. We became friends, and at one point I told her I doubted we’d party because she wasn’t “My Type.” When I told her that I fully expected her to cut off communication, but she didn’t, and we kept in contact, this was the first indication she was special. When she started at the Mustang, I finally had the opportunity to meet her in person. We hit it off immediately with no awkwardness, and she very quickly became “My Type”! We went back and had our first party. It easily qualified as one of my top 3 parties of all time, and we’d just met. Her passion and attention were off the charts. This was the second indication she was special. I knew I wanted to party with her again. We partied a few more times over the next couple months with each party surpassing the previous (which I didn’t think was possible and the third thing that makes her special) and after the 4th party I finally knew what so many guys had talked about having a true “All Time Favorite.” Before Rachel, I had a few Ladies that were favorites that I’d see when in town but after that 4th party I knew I would start scheduling my trips around her schedule!

Our First party was in March of 2017, we now have partied approximately 30 times since that first party with outdates and overnights mixed in. Every party is better than the last, and she continues to make me feel incredible when I’m in her presence. She is more beautiful in person than her pics can begin to show. Her personality is fun & flirty with just enough edge to keep me off balance which is refreshing. I cannot recommend this Incredible Lady enough! I guarantee if you are lucky enough to spend time with Rachel she will do everything she can to make sure you have an unforgettable time!

Thank you, Rachel, for all the time we’ve spent together so far and the time we will in the future.

-SixT9er 2018-06-24