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Virgin. That word that makes me smile. You know why? It’s because it’s one of the parties I really enjoy. Of course, some girls think they are a hassle and some think they are easy money but they really don’t appreciate the fact that they get to be someone’s first. That person will remember you forever and don’t you want to be remembered as a bad ass? Those same girls probably had shitty first times but didn’t we all. I wasn’t born a working girl and was a virgin until I was 21. The first time was okay but I was like get on with it so I can get this done. If he had been really good and caring then maybe I would remember it differently. Too bad there aren’t brothels for women. I probably would have gone there.

If you don’t have a girlfriend then how else can you pass this stage of your life? I understand that virgins are nervous and it’s ten times worse with a working girl. I mean this girl is a professional and knows what she is doing (Hopefully).  So here we are, at the brothel and looking at a line of girls. Might as well be playing slots because you have no idea if the girl you pick is good or one that couldn’t care less? The answer is you can’t. Without talking to one you are fumbling around in the dark.

If you made it to this page I can say you have probably found the right girl. I can say that because I am the right girl for you if you are a virgin. Yes, it is a little over the top to make this claim but let me present my case and then you can be the jury and decide if I am guilty of being full of shit.

Question: Why do you like virgins so much?
Answer: I feel it is a special thing in life to be someone’s first.

Question: What makes it so special?
Answer: When a person has sex the first time they are stepping into a different world. Things change sexually and since we are sexual beings it changes us. This step can determine a person’s attitude toward sex from that point on. It is a big responsibility because someone is trusting you with this delicate thing that needs to be done right. Having a good experience can make a person more confident in not only sex but in life itself. I don’t know about other girls but I’m not in the business of fucking people up.

Question: What about being nervous?
Answer: I know that you will be nervous and there is the chance you will be so overanxious you may not get an erection. This happens a lot so don’t think it is a sign of not being manly because it’s not. I try to avoid this by taking time at the beginning to calmly help you get ready. A little talk and affection go a long ways. I do not just tell you to take your clothes off and jump on you and get it done (unless requested). I try to get you into a place where you feel comfort and trust. I will take care of everything and you will not feel like you are lost and I won’t make you feel stupid about questions. There are no stupid questions.

Question: What will we do sex-wise?
Answer: Everything. We will try the major positions. Cowgirl, doggy, and others. If you want just one that is okay too. Remember this is about you. It will probably be short but that is normal but if you want to go again then we can do it twice. Practice makes perfect.

I will take care of everything and meet you at the door. You will never be left to feel lost or anything like that. I will be your friend with benefits and leave you with an awesome memory, experience, and good advice so the next girl you hook up with will never know it’s your second time. She’ll be like damn that guy was good, can’t wait to fuck him again!





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