The Truth About The Awards

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I want to clear up something. The reason the CWMC site was taken down was not that Q (the admin of SIN) had some kind of sudden moral epiphany. He took it down because they wouldn’t do what he wanted. He wanted them to disqualify me because he was mad at me. He didn’t care about anyone’s vote, he didn’t care about what anyone thought, he was just on a mission to hurt me. A mission that failed over and over and over.

The CWMC site was up for two or three years on his webhosting and he never asked them to change it. So how would he know I was the winner? Ahhh. This is very interesting. Q had an admin account on CWMC because he helped them with some of the scripting. Two or three weeks before the banquet he logged in and looked to see who the winner was. He saw it was me and shit his diaper.

He sent an email to the Awards committee complaining that I sent nude pics to members. Hold on, his site has nude pics all over it. His favorites girls have nude pics. Hell, there is the now infamous spread ass butthole pic from another girl he likes. Disgusting.

I never posted any vulgar “legs spread” pics. I challenge him to find one. He can’t. Mine are all done in a classy way. I make sure to darken the privates or use shadow to block them. He was just mad because he tried to get me fired at The Mustang and they were like, “whatever”. He found out quickly that he has no power in any of the brothels. He is just some guy that runs a site that tries to rip off girls and lower brothel profits. Why would they do anything for him?

So back to the committee. He round about said it was bad for me to win and that it might be a good idea to add a rule that a girl had to be in good standing with him to be able to compete. They told him I had broken no rules and that they were not connected to SIN and that it wouldn’t be fair to allow just one forum to have that kind of power. They would not invalidate the vote because no rules were broken.

He tried again and was rebuffed again. He didn’t like that so he turned off their site off. If you really believe he did it because of the word whore then I’m sorry but you’re stupid. He was trying to extort the awards committee to give him the power to veto any girls that weren’t in “Good Standing” with SIN. Who decides that? He does!

He tried to break the rules!
He tried to steal your votes!
He announced I was the winner before the banquet!

All because I won’t bow to him.

He was publicly waging war against me, posting shitty, demeaning, slander and lies while kicking me off and taking over my account to go through my private messages then disseminating private conversations to other members to cause me problems. Writing the Mustang to get me fired. Whining that what was on my site about him was untrue. He was trying to censor what I say but he can’t. He didn’t like the comments people wrote about him. I will NOT remove them unless they are threatening or use racial epithets and things of the sort. He wanted to censor those people. He can do that kind of thing on his site but he can’t on mine.

He turned off the awards site and suddenly was saying it was because the word whore was in the title and that the trophies were crystal buttplugs. Hey, his ATF has one too. May she can shove it up his fat ass. He never said anything about the word whore until they wouldn’t disqualify me. All those years and suddenly he had a conscience? Yeah right.

Right before the banquet, he put the site back up. It wasn’t because he was a nice guy. The reason is that I wrote to him and asked him to please put it back up because it wasn’t fair to punish the awards because he and I were fighting and I offered to stop fighting if he would. He agreed to let all this bullshit go and the site came back up. I thought it was over but no he had other plans.

The next day he told people that he only put it back because I threatened his job. That is not what happened. No, I told him that when he was trying to get me fired that I thought he deserved the same thing done to him but that two wrongs don’t make a right. This was to illustrate that he had gone too far. Way too far and that this needed to stop. I never made any threat and he knows it. I wrote him back and told him that it was shitty to agree to stop and then still keep it up, but he didn’t answer. Let me put it like this. If anything I had mercy on him and he better be glad I didn’t get fired.

Recently he wrote a message to the mods, another member, and me. He copied me to make sure I saw it but since I was moderated I couldn’t respond. What a pussy. He said that I was a “fucking lying flower” when I said that I helped get the awards name changed because I had asked him to put the site back up. That’s not the whole truth. I asked him to do it long enough so that they could move the site. In this letter, he said, “Wanna fuck with me?”, Why would I do that, I already own you bitch.

He has no idea the conversations I had with them. I am the one that threw out the name and I was adamant about it. They did not have to change it but I think they realized it was a liability. They ultimately made the decision but I wrote many emails about why it needs to be changed. So yes I fulfilled one of my COY goals and that was to somehow help get the awards changed to a name that was acceptable to the girls.

That is the truth.


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  1. I remember when Sarah Greenmore used to post she mentioned Q actually went to see her and offered her less than her absolute minimum, and that she was very uncomfortable due to his influence on SIN. You are definitely not the first girl to get on his bad side. He doesn’t like women who are assertive about their worth.

    1. Post

      I can totally understand. If you look at the old posts when he was cookiemonster he tries to carry this swagger and writes like he’s so cool because he talked a girl down. Like it’s a proud thing. I mean good for him but it doesn’t make you cool.

      He also whines a lot. Crying because Lady Aries said she would shove a big black dildo up his ass. Boo hoo. Scared of a girl. Pussy.

      I heard what he said to her but I won’t put it here.

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