Thank You For The Love SIN Members

Rachel Varga Clients 4 Comments

I just want to thank all of the SIN members for the love and support you have given me recently. I also want to thank those that came to visit or party.

Many of you contacted me with your thoughts on recent events and I’m sorry that you can’t openly support me and that SIN is your only platform in LPIN, or is it?

I hope to see all of you at CWMC and at the picnic.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you at the CWMC banquet and the picnic the next day. Should be a great weekend.

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  3. Have a great time there, Rachel. I wish you and all the ladies the very best! Sorry I don’t know what the recent events are since I’ve been out of touch lately, but please know I appreciate the majority of you fine ladies. You were certainly good to me!

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