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The idea of a Domme as a dominatrix dressed in black leather cracking a whip and crushing balls is really not representative of what it is to be a Domme. Yes there are plenty that wear these clothes and crush balls but that stereotype is perpetuated because that is what subs think they should be so Dommes do that because at the heart of it all, it’s a business. There is also this misconception that a Domme is only a Domme and never does anything else which is not true.

I am a Domme but I don’t wear latex that much, even though I love it, and I also do everything else. Guys assume I am going to dominate them but that’s not true. I am not submissive in any way but I am on an even level with my partners. 90% of my sex life is non domination. The other 10% is when someone wants Domination. Then I will I give it to them. I have several subs that I own and that is all they want.

My point here is that just because I am a Domme it doesn’t mean that is all I do. I love sex and have no problem bending over and be fucked doggy style. I also love oral. That is one of my favorite things and I am really good at it because I love it so much. There is no need to worry, I am here for my clients needs and they are all different so don’t confuse me being a strong willed woman with being exclusively dominant.

If you want a Domme experience let me know otherwise I never even bring it up.

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  1. Hello Rachel,
    I have been very interesting in having a femdom experience for quite sometime but have not yet fulfilled my fantasies. I will be passing through the Reno area most likely on either 8/22 or 8/29 and then returning 8/25 or 9/1. It seems you have experience as a domme. Maybe we could schedule something. Looking forward to your response.

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