Is Prostitution Cheating?

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“Did I or didn’t I cheat when I was at the brothel?”

Wow, what a subject?

The rules of cheating are different rules for every person. For some people, you are a cheater if you even flirt with another girl and for others, you only cheat if you have sex. Cheating creates a massive amount of guilt, and some confess for no other reason than they feel guilty.

In my mind, it is not cheating when you come to a brothel. I’m not saying that to convince you to stop by; I’m telling you this because we are in a microcosm all our own. When you come into this world, the rules of cheating cease to exist.

At a brothel, you are in an environment that doesn’t care if you are married or have a girlfriend. I have never thought a guy was a cheater. Many many guys are married or have girlfriends. You can’t imagine how many times one of my clients tells me about their marriage or girlfriend or ask for advice. I never had any thoughts that he was cheating on her.

When you step out of our sphere and back into the day to day world, you shouldn’t feel guilty because in our little Universe the laws of physics may be the same but the rules of cheating don’t exist.

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