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There seems to be confusion on dick size so let’s figure out if you have a big dick or not.

Most studies show the average penis to be around five inches and being a working girl I can say that from what I have observed that is generally true.

So where does this leave guys that are smaller than the average? You have to remember that bigger is not always better. It is purely up to the girl to decide. It really depends on how tight some women are. Some women are larger and a thick eight inch cock is what they need. Also to school some people I would like to say that those girls are not “loose”. I guess they could just turn it around and say, that guys under eight inches are small. I always hate to hear that term, it’s so rude and not true. Let me tell you this. A vagina does not get loose by having sex all the time. Having a child can change the shape but sex does not. I have a lot of sex and I am still the same small size.

I understand that I can say that guys shouldn’t worry about the size of their cock but it’s built in to their heads just as things are built into ours that make us feel like we are lacking something. Since I can’t change their minds I will say this. If you are smaller then you simply need a smaller girl, if you are huge then you need a girl that can handle you. It’s all about pairing up.

You probably wonder what we think and some guys are intimidated because they think we have seen huge cocks and that’s what women want. Let me tell you what I think. I think of how I can satisfy each guy. I never think, “Oh that’s a small dick”. I just sort of know what is better for different types of cocks. Trust me I am not thinking it’s small, if anything I’m glad it isn’t Mandingo’s cock because I just can’t do the big ones. I can do other things but no money will make me be in pain. But my main point is we aren’t thinking about the size in the way you think, we are thinking of which way to have sex with certain sizes. After all that is our job, to make you feel like a million dollar stallion and we do it very well.

I forgot to mention something that some guys worry about. The dick check. I hate the term micropenis. Technically a penis that is less than 3″ flaccid is a micropenis. This is as you say, a load of horseshit. I have seen a one inch flaccid penis become a thick six inches and four inch flaccid become 4 inches hard. Women term this showers and growers. Don’t worry about the dick check because a flaccid penis is not in any way a sign of how big it is when hard. If it makes you feel better then get hard before hand. Happens all the time.

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  1. It sounds like it doesn’t do any good for me to brag about my huge cock. Rachel will get out the ruler and show me it is really 10 mm, not 10 inches.

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      No I don’t need a ruler and would never shame a guy for a smaller cock. It doesn’t really even come to mind. I can tell you this, we don’t sit around talking about dick size or whose is what. I have never heard a girl say anything about a customer’s dick size. There are all kinds and you just know how to work with different kinds to do the best job.

      The only time I ever heard something is when it’s something crazy like a girl saying she did a dick check and this guy pulls out an insane dick. Talking 12 or more inches and she was like, “Whoah, wtf?” Lol. I would be like that two if a guy pulled out a firehose and it was hanging to his knees. Anybody would, even other guys. Lol

  2. Leave it to Rachel to tell it like it is. I only wish more women were as honest and upfront as her. Would save the world from a lot of stupid posts and egos from “Just Another Guy” and his “bros”.

    The thing is guys, real men don’t “warn” a woman about their skill with their tongue because “skill” is a myth. Every woman’s body is different, and your ability to please her heavily depends on your ability and desire to learn her body. Diving right in and sucking her clit like a starving child does its mother’s nipples isn’t going to work for everyone. Start slow. Ask for guidance. Gauge her reactions. COMMUNICATE!

    As far as dick size goes, and to go along with Rachel’s statement on averages, the average woman’s vagina only has a depth of 3-4 inches when not sexually aroused. When aroused, it becomes more elastic and can expand similar to that of a balloon. Even so, there are limits to how far each woman can expand before a penis hits her cervix — which for a guy is like hitting a brick wall with your dick and for a woman is like being hit in the pussy with a hammer. That’s no fun for anyone. The average depth of a woman’s vagina when fully aroused is around 8 inches. If you are 8+ inches, you have my condolences, because chances are you are going to end up with a few inches of dry dick, and no man likes dry dick during sex.

    Other fun facts: depending on which study you go by, a woman’s vagina has between 4000-8000 nerve endings. The majority of these nerve endings are found in the first 3-4 inches of a woman’s vagina — yes, the same 3-4 inches non-aroused — which is not at all dissimilar from the majority of nerve endings in a man’s penis being at the tip. Only around 30% of women orgasm from penetrative sex, meaning the other 70% get off mostly from clitoral stimulation — which should surprise no one considering the clitoris is the only organ in the human body who’s only function is entirely for pleasure. You don’t need a big dick, or a dick at all, to provide clitoral stimulation.

    If you take the time to please a woman right, I fucking guarantee she will return the favor in spades. There’s nothing to brag about here. Sex is a dance, not two people masturbating together.

    TL;DR Guys, help yourselves to a fucking book about sex before you go bragging about your dick and “skill” in the bedroom.

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      You are very correct that the majority of never endings are in the first 3 or 4 inches and hitting the cervix is like a hammer in the pussy. There are two kinds of orgasms, clitoral and vaginal. Neither one needs to be deep. Very nice comment Arngrim and thanks for adding to the post.

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  3. Can one of the girls I prefer be totally barefoot that day? I would like her to be in jeans and barefoot.

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  4. I’ve always thought that I had a small cock. I had really low self confidence about it but once I got over my fears, I was told that I actually have a bigger cock than I thought. I wasted so much time being self conscience about something that doesn’t even matter. Thank you Rachel for helping instill confidence in men.

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