Why Couples are Special

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Couples are extra special to me. It takes a special kind of relationship to bring another partner in for fun. I think many couples come here because they know there will be no emotional ties and the girl they play with is not going to come between them. This is in fact true. Playing with us is probably the safest bet if you are in a relationship.

Some couples are always looking for something new to try, some want to spice up their marriage, and some probably are more the guys idea than the girls. For me the best is when I can tell they are like soulmates and nothing will bother either one of them. They are just having fun and will go home and fuck like crazy and have no problems at all.

I know my role in this because I have been on the other side. My job is to fulfill each of your fantasies but not have them collide. I have to know when something isn’t working and change or slow the pace, I have to sense when the woman is getting anxiety because her man is getting a blowjob. I don’t want either of them leaving feeling hurt because even in the closest of relationships there in the dark, lurking, and waiting is jealousy, regret, or anxiety.

You can believe me when I say that I know what you need, and how to give it. I have been on the couple side quite often and for me it is fun and there is no problem with anxiety. I love it. There is nothing more powerful than trusting each other absolutely in such a vulnerable situation.

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