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I was asked what am I going to do for the ladies now that I have won Courtesan of the Year. Well, one thing is already completed and will be announced soon but #brothellife is another thing I can talk about now.

What is #BrothelLife?

#BrothelLife is a socially oriented site that is designed for ladies and gentlemen to converse without interference or bias from management. Everyone is equal.

We want it to be positive and fun. It will be run by girls but I want all girls to feel like they have a place to go to either learn something, meet clients, or blow off steam in the girls only section.

I want you to know there is NO preference for any Ranch. No brothel has control of this site. I own the domain.They will not have any influence in any way. I would hand it over to another girl if I had to. It is not a site to complain about the woes of the industry. I know that if girls post anything negative about a brothel they could be fired so there is none of that. That is why the public sections are positive and friendly. The girls only sections are for everything else.

There is no price talk because it’s not fair that ladies can’t talk about it so therefore no one talks about it.

@Brothellife is good for the ladies because it will help their business grow and good for the guys because no one is going to kick you off if they don’t like you. There will be NO favoritism. All girls are equal. There is no Queen.

What Else Does it Have?
No need to link to photos. You can upload them.
Search Engine Optimization
Looks great on mobile. Fully responsive.
I will make an Android / ios App for it.
And a lot of things yet to be announced. I would love to hear your ideas.

Right now I need help with content, ideas, or articles that I need to write or contributions from you. I want to work out guidelines for these. We can’t post, “So and so brothel does this or that and they are <insert favorite curse word here>.” It’s not about that. It’s about a positive environment.

Come check it out. It’s for everyone. Thank you.



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